Don't be a victim of copyright theft. Maximize your proof of ownership worldwide.Record your Copyright before it's stolen!

For literature stored or sold on the internet, Copyright is essential.

Certain documents like novels, guidebooks and ebooks are having copyright ownership stolen from the original author every single day.....

Unfortunately, until today, those authors could not  prove they created the material because the thief resides in a different country or the webhost storing the copyrighted material is located in a different country.

We understand this is becoming a widespread problem on the internet, so we now have special rates for clients who wish to maximize their copyright claim in over 150 Countries.

This protection officially records their Declaration of Ownership at Government level almost worldwide.

Basically, it's putting your Copyright on Steroids!

How to Apply:

Please send a brief description of the literature including number of pages and a customer service rep will be in touch with a quote.

Email:  service (at)

Subject:   Copyright Testimony Apostille


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